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I do, too. Sadly, he sees himself as a part of Fritz come to live so I guess Varg would only be satisfied and 'whole' if Fritz choose to end the curse not by overthrowing him but by embracing that dark part of him. Can't say if that's possible but I like to imagine how it would have been. Varg has his own way to see things but I did think he was right with some things he said about Fritz. And I wasn't confident with the happy end, when Varg is nothing more but a whisper or a hint in Fritz' expression. He certainly deserved more than that. *sigh*

It's somehow sad but understandable why they choose to life the curse and ///SPOILER erase him, in order to give Fritz back to his princess. That's how a fairytale has to end. ;)

As for "Where's that power of love at, huh?" I guess our princess only loves Fritz and can't forgive Varg for his actions. He frees Fritz from the curse, or helps him fight against it. So the power of love is there, but it's only there to get rid of the 'bad side' of Fritz.

Strange thing is, it's much more complicated with Varg being so... special. In every other route, like the one from Rumpel, Varg isn't totally obedient - he is clever enough to act around direct orders he doesn't like. I like to belief that isn't Fritz showing through Varg, but Varg's very own personality and his way of showing his love for our character.

I guess I'll write a fanfic for him. Makes me sad, every time I think about how this arc ended. :,(