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Thanks for the heads-up, I just re-uploaded the .zip with a lot of missing files. It seems to be working on my test machine. The 32-bit version should work on 64-bit systems, but there's no 64-bit version at the moment - gotta get the Mac OSX version working first. Have fun, hope it works now :)

It works!!! It is a really addicting like the original web version! Also, Is there anyway to display it in full screen?

Yay, glad to hear it :D You can make it full screen from the command line or by adding arguments to a shortcut link, like so:

  • QuadraDigger.exe -fullscreen

If you want to specify the resolution:

  • QuadraDigger.exe -fullscreen -width 1280 -height 720
Sorry there's no UI for this (yet) - it's top priority for the next version, along with a better menu for multiplayer.