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Hello Vas, to inverse positions, have you tried to press  the sticks at the same time with your controler ? Sorry for the keyboards, it's definitly made to play with a controler... What kind of controler Did you have ? Is it a Xbox one ? 

Old XBOX 360 controller yea. I've used it for a lot of games and works great for them, so I know the sticks aren't like off center or anything like my previous one was. Did you mean press the sticks to activate their button function or just invert them from each other? Pressing them down would be pretty difficult but I'll give that a try. That portion of the tutorial kinda whooshed by and I barely read the text, then it was just in an infinite loop of telling me to get into the box without repeating the other thing.

Press the sticks at the same time to invert them from each other. :)