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It's very fun and truly amazing game for exploration                                          ,fantasy also it is healing.                 

I love all the color themes from the beginning when the character was on the dark alley, (rainy night mood caught my eye in this game. ) When character found the sign above 'Depanneur Nocturne' I could feel the same curiosity what this shop would be like.

<might be spoiler for people just visited here>

Important feature  is if you just want to buy some gifts to your bichette, you can do that, Talk with the shop owner and have fun with it, if you want to do some exploration and dig up more information in the store, you can do that too. It's all about your choice and your decision!

I also liked the color theme changes with different soda whenever I drank it, it changes the whole mood and I only could see what colors this liquid dose shown me, and I felt I was in drug too. Just follow the mood and make your choice, it's absolutely amazing feature.

I played this three times with different route and I think I'll try more, It is really beautiful and stunning, thank you for this such wonderful experience!