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absolutely an amazing concept. Everything from the art, lighting, depth, and the ideas behing it are so unique and well blended. My only problem was i downloaded it on my computor and hooked up my PS4 controller and I couldnt figure out which controls were what but it couldve just been me not paying attention. I loved the concept of "borrowing time" from one object so another could be manipulated. 15/10 and I'm usually picky too! Cant wait for the completed version! 

Hello achildbro! Thanks for playing our game and for your kind words!

While the game can notice changes on the hardware on real time, we are aware that the control layout in the menu may not change. Sorry about that! We already fixed it in newer versions.

We are glad you liked the concept. Our team really appreciate this kind of feedback. Thanks! We are in the final steps of development, so feel free to follow us on or twitter for new updates on the release. Stay tuned!