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Hey! I'm sorry in advance for replying in english but I haven't practiced my french in years so I wouldn't be able to communicate well ^^'.

So, I gave your game a go. What really attracted me was the illustrated graphics. The world you've created is fascinating, enchanted and displays great imagination! I was intrigued by the looks of it rather than the story, since all I knew about it was that it was a puzzle platformer.

Other than that, while playing the game, I was mindblown by the fact that you can get help from the animals in order to advance in your journey. A very fun mechanic which could lead to very complex puzzles, eventually!

The controls were a bit wonky. The keybinds used are not the most conventional, so I would suggest an in-game keybind section where the player can at least change the keybinds without having to leave the game. There's also a few bugs here and there, like the spirit bond getting tangled in some rocks on the ground or enemies' pathing being disturbed when they kill the character we play as or the animals, but nothing major. I'd say a job well done! I can't to see more of your magical sceneries in the future.

Here's my gameplay of your game. I hope you'll enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed playing it!