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So how bad are the controls for the touch? I am looking for some dungeon crawler games for the oculus would like to check this out if its not to buggy. (Also I am new to itch.io so I am not sure this is where you are wanting feed back if not then direct me senpai :)

The angle of the teleportation beam is a little bit weird, but still playable. We are working on the issue! We will update the demo at the start of the next week.

Awesome I just downloaded it and I am about to check it out. I am not sure if streaming your game is allowed but if it is I might here in a few. twitch.tv/j3han. I am just really looking for more VR games to play. I like the dungeon crawling aspect, also maybe top down city builder like sim city or possibly a crpg like divinity original sin. I am working on learning some VR stuff in UE Editor but I cannot get that working. What do you use to create your game? Unity?

Ofc. you can stream our game and mention this project, but also say that this is a pre-alpha version! We just uploaded the first demo and there is not so much to do right now. It is just the core system. The main purpose of the first demo was to test the core system and the voxel art style and to get some feedback. We are using unity for development. Have fun!

Awesome! I just played it and I see what you mean about the arch in the teleportation. One thing I would love already is right thumbstick to be able to soft turn yourself. Love the way the xbow feels when shooting though. So far pretty awesome made it quite a ways then died to a double trap not being able to port quick enough haha. Very fun and chill thanks for your work on this.

Thank you for the first feedback!