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Hey thanks for bringing this to my attention! I've updated it, can you try downloading it now and let me know if there's still a problem? thanks!

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Firstly, I'll apologize for giving you grief for adding some awesome music to a charity drive. I don't mean to diminish the effort you put into creating your content. But just in case it's useful, here's the standard guidelines for distributing a zip file:

- name the .zip file after your content. Your download is currently called, it was named correctly the first time.

- Put another similarly named folder inside the package. This is so that when the package is extracted, the content will automatically end up in a nicely named folder. Your package does not have this, so the use must take care to organize the files while/after extracting. If I remember right, you also had this done correctly the first time.

- Include only the necessary file and don't be OS-specific unless you must. Your package contains _MACOSX, which is a hidden folder that is invisible to mac users (less than 5% globally of devices that have access to this content). On the other 95% of devices the user must manually delete this after downloading the package.

Regarding the missing tags I was meaning that they don't have track numbers, so players won't necessarily put them in order.

After all the nagging, I'll just again say thanks for sharing your work.

Oh no apology needed, I appreciate the feedback, I have uploaded a new zip, it should address these issues, but let me know if not haha. Appreciate you!