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I love my simulation games and this game falls right into that. Its hard not to love what they were going for here, with evolutionary theory being used as game mechanics. You get a creature type and then evolve more different types from that. Its very open ended, so you shouldnt expect a goal here, its more an evolutionary sandbox which is fun to explore and figure out. You might end up being happy with exploring what the game does in 2 hours, but man does the rabbit hole run deep. Animals "evolve" by changing their body forms with individual pixels that are used to show how they react to their environments. Different colors means different behaviours to certain aspects, while the size (or the amount of "wrinkles" changes surface area and as such how much water they need. Figuring all of these mechanics out is a gameplay experience that not everyone will appreciate, but this gets a thumbs up from me. Only downsides are that the visual variety is a bit limited and the game could use some inspirational goals after the tutorial. For everyone loving to explore game mechanics: 4/5

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