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If a player should need to walk through a door or whatever but would be facing their guardian/chaperone, could you not "blink-flip" the person around 180 when they touched or got too close to the boundaries so that the player would physically have to turn around to proceed forward through the door, in which case they would have the rest of the length of their play space to move forward within. Maybe a colored screen flash matching the boundary colors be it guardian or chaperone to go along with the blink-flip to add to the effect of what is happening systematically. It's a little crude, but it beats having to readjust yourself physically. Starfox 64 used a third person animated version of this method if memory serves to keep Fox and team from going past the boundaries, however in VR, a blink-flip would probably be best.

Hi Zflorence1

Thanks for the suggestion. Having tried a blink flip solution like you suggest... it's super disorientating. You touch/open the door, and then it blinks, and then you're looking at the other side of the door. Except because you haven't spatially reoriented yourself, it just feels like you're staring at a different door and you've teleported to some non-contiguous location.

Easiest solution... as crude as it'll be, is probably just allow doors to swing both ways, so you can open into it.