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*some spoilers about the game*

Hey, I just played through this game and it's really great. I wanted to note two things, firstly the "H" piano note was a bit confusing, as an American I didn't realize "B" and "H" were the same on piano. While it wasn't that hard to figure out, it could confuse some others. 

The other thing I wanted to mention was something I think may have been a bug.. After playing the piano notes properly, then going into the room with the saw and blood, and going down the now unlocked door and it's corridor, I got back to the large dark room with the table and lamp, but when walking out I never picked up the celler key and note. Because of this, the door had locked behind me and the hallway in the bloody room was now just a flat wall. This made it so I wasn't able to open the door to the celler, or access that room again. I tried re-playing the piano notes but it didn't seem to make the wall open again. I'm not entirely sure if I was missing something, but would like a bit of clarification on that. 

Aside from the small problem, I really enjoyed the game and would recommend it to anyone interested. 

Hey, thanks so much for playing my game. As for the error, I apparently just did not test the case when the player does not pick up the key and  note in a room with the  lamp and table. Unfortunately, I lost all the game code, and I can’t fix this bug.

Anyway, many thanks for the kind words. And I apologize for my poor English, this is not my native language :)