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"Have I Been Good?" calls itself a LARP for two players, one of whom is a dog. Functionally, it's more like a day-long ritual alternating between writing and activity to get you briefly inside of your dog's head. It seems to be inspired by that Tumblr post about how we seem like immortal creatures to the dogs who love us and share our lives (which is not so original an idea that it couldn't be convergent or inspired by other expressions of that idea). Made me cry just reading it (as the tumblr thing did). Seems like it would probably be fun and moving to play, tho, and I plan on giving it a try when I have a full free day with my good boy Jasper. 

Gives me complicated feelings about the limits of imagination and empathy, the dangers of storytelling, the autonomy of sentience and suffering and the merits of anthropomorphism that I haven't sorted out in my head enough to expound on. 

Rating: Recommended