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What a neat idea!  I've been trying to get my nephew and me to sit down for a week and try to make a game (basing our options on the engines I have available, the assets I have available, and the list of easiest game genres from Extra Credits' "Minimum Viable Product" video), but now the idea of doing it with some random mechanics intrigues me.  I could see having the stages of game development come at us randomly: "Today we (draw) record sound effects!" (without knowing what exactly we're recording them for, aside from the general genre)  "Today we (draw) create background graphics!"  "Today we (draw) develop a basic physics engine!"  "Today we (draw) choose a color scheme!" lol


Aahh that's so sweet! I really hope these cards are able to help you guys at all with your creative sessions, if there's anything you think I should add or change please let me know! :D

Have fun with your game making, and have a great day too!!