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Nevermind, I've just looked at the desktop file and you put the directory where the game is located as an argument to the game.

Weird. The problem is that the itch client tries to run the script directly instead of launching the desktop file as it should be.

Launching the desktop file without modifying anything works as normal. I should report this itch client bug to the developers of the itch client.

Anyways, thanks.

Thank you bringing this to my attention! Rex was made before itch had a client (I've not even used it yet myself), so I have no idea how it plays with it. I'm glad you managed to get the game working, and I'll see if it's anything I can fix on my end as well.

No problem! By the way, I opened an issue on the itch client project and they took notice. The issue's page by the way:

Much appreciated!