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Hello! I think this game looks super interesting and I can't wait to try it out! The art is so pretty, and you can really see each characters' emotions in the cut scenes like a photograph of a happy moment :D I was also super impressed by the trailer. The CGs and character profiles just flowed so well into each other and the background song was so catchy and beautiful I had to find out where it was from! I love the MC's design so much too. I usually don't see a lot of main characters with short hair or heterochromia eyes so it set her apart wonderfully! She's so well done that I think at the end of the trailer I ended up falling in love with her as well as all the love interests xD


Thank you so much, we're so happy you like the characters and the art!It's heartwarming to see that you noticed these little details and the emotions behind the photograp ! And the song is provided by the talented Leowi be sure to check it out ! 

As for the Mc, we're relieved you like her look :3 hopefully her personality will please you as well! Please let us know about what you think of the game if you play it ! 

Have a lovely day !