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The rules say "you don’t have to be a boy to play this game, and if He/Him/His pronouns make you uncomfortable you have my permission to change them. If you’re not a boy but you want to be for this game to see how it feels, you don’t need my permission for it, but you have it anyway." Does that help at all? :)


A little, I'm transfemme though so I definitely wouldn't be wanting to try being a boy. Did it for 26 years and it didn't work out for me lmao. I was just hoping for a game with cool lesbian dragons, yknow?


Yeah, I get that. I believe the 'bro' theme is because it was inspired by a set of comics with male characters. However, as it's a game where you make up the details of your characters and their relationship dynamic, you can make them be cool lesbian dragons with no additional effort required. :)

I'll give it a try then, thanks :)