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I bought and played the game on the Switch and I have to tell you I am so grateful.  This is hands down the greatest Paper Mario style game.  Its an evolution of Paper Mario 1 that no one could have expected.  It was created so faithfully but its also unique where it counts.  I love the direction, the characters, the world, and by Venus the combat system!  Its amazing!

I played through it all on hard mode and it was quite tough especially around the middle, but then I messed around with the medals and came up with some really killer combinations.  I've completed just about every challenge and it took me 50 hours.  I would happily play through it again, and am recommending it to anyone who has hope for Origami King.

A note for the switch version: I experienced one crash (no progress was lost as I had just saved), some slowdown in certain towns and areas later on.  It would be nice if that could be touched up.  I did struggle with controls a bit because of the Joy-cons poor analogue stick and the Pro controller's poor d-pad, but that's on Nintendo.  I played version 1.0.5 on a revised Switch with firmware 10.0.4.

I'm just so damn happy with this game.  Amazing work,  I'll be watching and waiting for your next project, whatever it is!