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congratulations on the release! ;o

I've just downloaded the game as I was instantly lured in by the art style that you chose. Love the vibrant yet soft colours and the artist's drawing technique. 

Secondly, it seems to revolve around older men (screams) + professor (screams more) romance, which are like my two top guilty pleasures. There are no novels concentrating on these forbidden but most exciting "taboo" topics.  I also loved the touch of mystery and dark elements you sneaked in.

The only downside is grammatical and written mistakes, which is such a shame because it kind of weighs down on the experience.

I don't know if English is your native language, I would say not (don't mean to be insulting in any way) so I'd say get someone to go through the script and make some adjustments. Amending the typos can even add up to a character's personality based on the reader's perception of the written text. Emotions, opinions, everything is basically affected as we only get to know them through words.

Other than that, I really enjoyed what I've seen so far and am looking forward to the full release. 🌼

Congratulations again and wish you all the luck for finishing up the project.

Hello ! 

Thank you  for taking some of your time to play and share your review !
We're overjoyed to know you like it ! We're only a small team of two people so this means a lot ^^ 

And as the artist I'm so happy the artstyle attracted you *^* thank so much , It took me a lot of time to draw both the characters, environnement and illustrations , it warms my heart to know that you appreciate the art style TwT 

As for the grammatical erros and the typos,  we're sorry about that they must have gone unnoticed by our writer and I,  and don't worry it's not insulting you were right,  english isn't out first language haha but we did our best ! We'll definitely fix it right away ! 

Thank you very much for your feeback and for giving Forbidden a chance !  🌼