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Played the Mac version.

When I opened the Options menu from the title screen, then pressed X to get out of it, I got an UnknownError. However, after I started playing the game, everything seemed to be working.

The horror of the setting feels weird. I'm inevitably reminded of Five Nights at Freddy's, but everything here is too fantastical to seem like it could happen in real life. 

I was also somewhat confused by the introduction-- there seems to be a lot of subtext and what's-not-said in the Employee Introduction video, but from playing the game it just seems to have been a literal explanation of the game's mechanics? You are a manager and you're not the individual people trying to escape, and when one dies you don't become the next one, you 'hire' them. 'Wrong Turns' are the name for the procedurally generated dungeon, not a loaded threat or euphemism. Which reduces stakes quite a bit.

A lot of mechanics are also meta rather than horror-- you can find Employee Dossier items that give your characters skills, and there's nothing about how this is weird for a random security guard to find, or what the employees about it. There are talking trash cans that you can give trash for money. It's taken for fact as a part of this world, which makes it more like a pizza-flavored magical setting rather than a like-reality horror game. It's much more peculiar than scary. The drive to play comes from wanting to see more of the world, rather than wanting to see how bad it gets, or to uncover the mystery. 

While there is scary imagery, the game rewards you for talking to spooky things and knowing the mechanics of what's what, and it becomes an optimization game where you know what you're doing and can plan ahead for the challenges that come up. 

Mostly, I thought it was going to be a very different game than the introduction presented. 


Hey, did you had any trouble with it opening and immediately crashing? A lot of people including myself is having this problem. Is there any chance you solved it yourself?

I did not. I only got the crash when I tried opening the settings.