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this game is... almost good. Almost.

It has a lot of elements I like. The plot seems interesting, the characters could be really likable with some development, the world is cool, but..

It has much more that I don't really like.

The dialogue is written like a group chat, and that really REALLY doesn't flow into what is supposed to be an out-loud conversation. I mean seriously, keysmashing, 'u/ur' and 'LMAO'?? It just makes it impossible to read without cringing at least a little bit. Added to that, the dialogue just seems kinda janky, and unrealistic. The characters don't really interact in a way that flows. Then there's random fights that don't make sense, and are resolved within minutes, and it all just adds up to make unsatisfying and un-enjoyable dialogue.

The story is another thing that doesn't really flow. Now, I absolutely could've missed something, I am tired, and I apologise if I did. But from what I gathered playing the game, you're sort of thrust into this world with very little world-building or information, so you feel slightly disoriented during the game.  You're waiting for more information about the world to be divulged, but it never is. Reviewing the story and adding in some more backstory and info could go a long way to improving this game, and how immersive it is.

Then there's the look of the game. I love the hand-drawn characters, but the backgrounds and the fighting scenes just look.. Bad. But then again, appearances are purely opinion based, and if enough people including the developers like it, then that's alright.

Finally, the gameplay with the fighting scenes could be improved a bit. I think what you have now is a really good base, but it just feels like it needs something. Maybe add more of a damage system instead of just pushing enemies off of cliffs? Or remove the strange drifting effect, like your characters are running around on ice rather than dry ground. All in all, the fighting mechanics are good, but could be even better!

I apologize if any of this comes across as rude or upsetting, I'm just giving as much constructive criticism as I can. I really would like to see this game improve and do well!

That being said, I think you can totally save it for the next 'season' of gameplay! With a few edits and changes this could be made into a really enjoyable game. Just please consider practicing your dialogue writing, and fiddling with some aspects of the gameplay. This game is an okay start. But it could be a great finished product. There's definitely some potential here!