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It would be nice to be able to reconfigure the movement keys as well as the action keys. Also the captions that come up for the sponge refer to the old keys before rebinding, which is a little confusing.

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These weird symbols appeared when I threw a lot of speers at once... and also (rot13: Zl yrnfg snibhevgr yriryf ner gur barf jvgu gur trzf fvapr lbh unir gb erfgneg gur ragver yriry vs lbh znxr bar zvfgnxr, naq univat ynfre jnyyf abg zngpuvat gur pbybhe bs gurve pbeerfcbaqvat ohggba (yvxr va guvf fperra) vf obthf. Nsgre V pbzcyrgrq 4-25, V tbg gur gvzr nggnpx bcgvba naq svir rkgen fgntrf, ohg jura V pbzcyrgrq gubfr gur gvzr nggnpx bcgvba qvfnccrnerq! V fgvyy unira'g tbggra nyy gur rzoyrzf gubhtu...)

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