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Okay so I created an account just to be able to comment.

It's my first time playing an otome (even though I've watched let's plays) and I want to say that... I absolutely loved it! Our character is really amazing and far from those air-headed, naive girls often found in other games. I really liked that there was only 2 characters to choose from, and having gotten the "Freed *******" (wouldn't want to spoil anyone ah) with both Lucan and Tristan, I can safely say that I'm totally prepared to replay it again to get all the endings! For such a short time you made something stunning!

P.S: I also want to say that I absolutely adore Tristan! Such a sweetheart, I feel like I fell for him two lines into the games ahah. And our character is really beautiful! I really apreciated the dark skin tones ^^

Oh wow, I'm so happy that you tried my otome as your first- and that you enjoyed it :D

I do like to make my MCs have a little more punch to them! Having the personality options is something I will always put into my VNs or interactive fiction :)

Tristan was a sweetie, definitely the more romantic of the two :D

Thank you so much for playing it and leaving such a lovely comment!