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Just finished the demo! There's something very peaceful/cozy about the mechanics and storyline and characters, but I get the feeling that there's more to the concept that I think...right???

The MC is adorable (thinking about what she was gonna cook :) very relatable), as are the three LIs. Wanted to slap Kennith, but I have hope yet for him. ^.^ I also liked the phone feature a lot; it was so simply, but having the character profiles available and clicking through photos and emails was incredibly satisfying. And as a graphic designer myself I enjoyed reading the commentary on the website hahaha.

Of course, the art style was so pleasant and..cuddly? Is that a proper descriptive term? Anyways, I thoroughly enjoyed playing the demo, and I'm looking forward to future updates! Great job guys. <3

Thank you for giving this demo a try, and for leaving a comment! I'm really happy to hear from a fellow designer, and I'm glad you enjoyed the interface features and the art overall.

As far as whether there's more to the concept, there will hopefully be an updated sometime this summer (probably late summer), so I hope you'll give that a try then. Hopefully Kennith will be less abrasive then, too (probably not, he's just a jerk)! :D