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Please fix the grammar in the opening scene, the correct usage of "Its/It's" would be "Its" in the case of the Seals otherwise you've written "of It is seals" so you mean to write "Its" and not "It's" please fix this before the launch of the game. Secondly; outside of that one grammar error I noticed, this is a very promising game and I look forward to seeing it on PS4 if possible, but will get it on Steam (PC) if I can't get it on the PlayStation 4. I think your opening scene could be worked on slightly; in that the dialogue could be overhauled, it seems very clunky in what it's trying to say "Then a terrible thing happened." is something a child would say, you should have him say "Then a great misfortune befell them." since you're going with the 1800s theme, you ought to have it read like that too. Merely a suggestion/constructive criticism. Other than that, I love the gameplay, artwork, music and graphics. I especially love the artwork for how it's used. It's used just the right amount.

I love the Point and Click aspect too. You've created a unique game and I hope it's prosperous. Can't wait for it to come out!


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