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The coffee making minigame was very enjoyable. It really had a quaint, soothing feel. I liked how the some customers would ask for their usual. There were sometimes graphical glitches on the coffee-making screen, where if I dragged a sauce or the milk pitcher onto something and then clicked too fast, the image would get stuck there. 

and navigate the encroaching advances of a predatory corporation bent on buying out your neighborhood shop.

I don't think this is true about the story, though. You don't navigate anything: the someone shows up to add your store to Starducks (Starbucks) and then the next scene your character has accepted it and the coffee-making minigame has been reskinned. I think this is a fault of the story's pacing-- you only have two days of coffee-making before the change, so you don't get too attached, and when the change happens it's not really meaningful to you as a player, even though it clearly has meaning for the NPCs. 

Also, the story is about Catarina navigating a shop belonging to her deceased father that she wasn't fond of and finding closure in that he really did care about her, but it's way too short and surface level to make a real emotional impact.  The customers are the ones who make the most of the story and show how her father made an impact on them, but Catarina has very little reaction to what they say. She barely reflects on what the customers say or what they mean to her, and there's no other scenes that explore Catarina's emotions or her relationship with her dad, and so the ending where she finds a photo and recipe he left her feels emotionally flat. She says she found closure-- but that closure barely connects to the rest of the game's story, so it's hard to see how the story pieces fit together to get her to that conclusion. She starts off cynical and angry at her father and her situation, and it's not clear why she changes her mind about either by the end. 

Overall, I think the story could have been written more tightly, but the minigame was fun.  It almost feels like the minigame was supposed to be part of a larger game (since it doesn't seem to matter how well you do at it) and the story we got was incomplete.