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You Don't Wanna Miss These Bug Fixes!

Yes you heard it right - today's new patch fixes quite a few number of nasty bugs in Stellar Stars! So you really don't want to miss it!.


For starters, there was a bug discovered by Phroxen (watcher of our TwitchTV channel) where jumping in the game wasn't responsive at times, especially after attacking.


There was also a bug where it was possible for you to spam your basic attack downwards and shoot through a platform.


This makes it possible for you to attack enemies from above a platform. And in my honest opinion, that takes the challenge away from the game.

Before today's patch, it was also possible to spam both of your basic attack and spells at the same time.


While that in itself seems fun, it also created a glitch where you can continuously spam spells without using any mana.

In addition to bug fixes, you will now be able to see this after logging in.


You can now finally catch the latest or upcoming news via the banner on the left! This is also where we will show information about any special game events.

So what do you think about today's new patch for Stellar Stars? To find out about all the new changes and bug fixes, experience it yourself here! Cheers!