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Solid game where a lot of the fun can come from getting too invested into ruining these characters lives for a single piece of dialogue...totally didnt name my character Nari once to see if she would call her own name forgettable/stupid in that one scene....

Definitely gives me that undertale vibe of retrying endlessly all sorts of different playthoughs with one or more changes somewhere to see some new dialogue, a lot more convenient due to the skip button though. A little ddlc too, but it still maintains its own style and humor, in a colorful way, the musics great too. i want to write a lot more, but there arent any spoiler tags so i dont want to be an ass

Looking forward to the full release! got this game as apart of the giant pack for charity, and after playing the game im a certified monster, so thats cool. 

P.S Currently buying truckloads of gummy bears to bargain these heavy sins i hold. Nari pls dont beat me up