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Hello, I just finished your game, and had to write a quick review.

First, let me say that i really liked it ! It's quit intuitive (maybe except for the poster and 'Out of the game' game (lol) thing, but it's not important to progress so it's fine) and i like the fact that you have to discover the game by yourself : no direct indications, no hints.

I had only one little bug (when standing near the table, i was moving backward for no reason), but overall I loved the concept of the game !

Bonus point for the Matrix ref in the end ;) !

Hi.Thanks for your review! It means a lot to me. Actually the hint is behind the poster but you need to flip them by dragging the right mouse (Guess it is not well design so most of the players did not find it). I’ll try me best to fix the bug. Glad you like it!

I felt the same abritrary moving-backwards movement too, although it didn't annoy me for once.