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[this comment has spoilers for the comic]

I downloaded this comic in 2018, and I'm revisiting it today. I feel like every time I read through this comic I find something new and learn more about the rich characters and world you've brought to life. Despite the fictional/fantasy setting, this comic feels so realistic to me because the characters you draw remind me of people I know in my life, both in terms of body/hair type, abilities, relationship models, and personalities. 

Your work makes me feel validated and comforted as an asexual and aromantic person. I find myself having to explain to people what asexuality is over and over again and finding that people don't understand how asexual people can have relationships. Finding a work that includes a complex asexual character in a loving relationship who also negotiates their comfort levels around sex with their non-asexual partner is a breath of relief. I think showing a fun, gentle sex scene between Harold and Arthur was really helpful for me as a model of how sex and consent can be, and I wish more works approached sex the way you do in this comic.

I appreciate how you show the hard discussions and work that goes into relationships and how people work things out in the difficult times as well as the happy times. I think how you depict conflict is really important for me especially, as my gut instinct is to think that conflict=bad, when in reality conflict is an important part of any relationship, and necessary for people to grow and learn more about each other and how to care for one another. The scene at the end where Harold pushes back against Arthur's suggestion to "just forget what happened, and start again," and tells Arthur that he hasn't felt supported and that "it hasn't exactly been easy to feel great with you" I think really reminded me that just because people are in a relationship, that doesn't mean that partners can't be held accountable for their actions or harm; having a nice night together doesn't erase that need for accountability. 

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I'm not sure the exact time of the year this was published, but Tasha Robinson's article reminded me that It Will Be Hard is celebrating it's 5th Year of publication : )

EDIT: wait.. I can't do math. Make that 4 years, but excited for next year : )