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Hey RikOclon, first of all I'd like to start by saying thanks so much for checking out the game and coming here to talk about it! I really appreciate your input!  As far as the exploit goes, I actually discussed this with a few other people and we decided not to remove it just so if a player were to find them(this one in particular), they can use it to their advantage to see both sides(good & bad cop environments) of the world without having to go back and play the entire game. I used it throughout testing and decided to never patch it out. 

I am glad you're enjoying it so far, there will be a physical release of the game coming soon that I am very excited about. Be sure to look out for that. I do plan to continue the Quest Arrest "franchise" with another upgraded game. I will make sure to keep these notes in mind when moving forward with the second game. If you run into any more bugs or have any more suggestions or comments, feel free to bring them here and I would love to talk about them!  I can't wait to see if you find any more! Thanks again for playing! 

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No problem thanks for the friendly response! I Am yet to check out the rom on my phone. When I get the chance, I'd be happy to provide more feedback.


Absolutely! I love hearing feedback in general. I am currently working on other projects and it's always good to listen to those who play my games and make sure they are heard in future development prospects. My only goal is to make fun games. I can always grow, so I love talking about what can make things better or what was appreciated about the games.