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Hey! I played around with the latest version (1.5) and I gotta say, I love the game, it's a lot of fun! It's aesthetic rocks; the colors, font, and overall design feel great and look great! I loved playing your game, it was lots of fun, especially when I'd build up a group of enemies to trail and take down several enemies at once with the special felt incredibly satisfying. The enemy variety was also really nice too; like when one of the HUGE dudes showed up, my jaw dropped. I think that it would feel a bit more satisfying if the medium and large enemies took more than one hit to kill. Something that large going down in one hit was a little underwhelming.

Also, the running animation I hafta say looks fantastic. It looks and feels really natural and the way the animation slows with the change in momentum when you turn also helps to make it feel realistic. It's a little unrelated, but sometimes I did find myself getting stuck on the big, North-most rock for a moment after bumping into it. The way the rocks fade out when the camera goes into one is a nice feature as well. It would be nice as well if the direction you fired in followed your cursor rather than the way the character's facing, though. I think it'd feel more fluid for the gameplay as well as accurate overall. 

Lovin' what I'm seein' though. Keep it up!