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As for Polybius, My theory is that the confusion comes from the game "Cube quest", which was the only game produced by a startup called Simutrek (sound similar to Sinneslochen?) It was released in 1983, was raster-based, with a primitive 3D modelling engine that overlaid rasterized graphics over footage from a laserdisc. The game is currently emulated perfectly in MAME; I have it installed, and it's trippy and fun. A cross between a surreal space shooter and a puzzle game (due to the Cube elements) It's a rare arcade cabinet. never saw one in the flesh personally, but it was featured on the game show, Starcade" in an episode.

Paul Allen Newell was responsible for the programming... interesting to note the development of the game was originally done on the Vectrex (vector display-based home console). Roms for this prototype exist in the wild, btw.

Youtube video of the gameplay and attract screens: note the similarity between what was described in the gameplay descriptions of Polybius.