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Whoa, this is some interesting mod although (I might be wrong) but at the 'Hybrids' section for the 'half-blood' you wrote 50% or higher but wouldn't that overlap the 'full-blood' which is 70% or higher? In my opinion a 'half-blood' would be around either 25%-50% or 50%-69%. Otherwise cant wait to try out this mod I love the idea of this game having more flavor into it.

It’s an if else, meaning if >= 70% then full else if >= 50% half blood. 

The idea of the full blood and half blood is these are your most pure blooded. Someone who is say 40% human, 30% elf and 30% gnome is not really half human but a mixed breed.

The percentages and values can be tweaked to some extent very easily and Aric very well may do so. Also, once the code is bug free I’d like to add more depth to the in-game descriptions. That is a lot of creative writing and a good deal of logic so it will wait until the mechanics work flawlessly.