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Hey, just played it. And runs smoothly ! I've been working with Godot for some months now making a multiplayer game but I'm having some problems using the traditional methods that Godot provides. WebRTC appears to be a solution for easy connection through the internet without dealing with NAT traversing, NAT punch through etc. Any chance you could share the network part of the game ? Some real world example would be very beneficial. If it's not possible could you point to some good example ? Thanks.

Hey! I haven't done anything official or anything, but check out this reddit thread and the linked zip file.

That's basically the networking part of Screenhead Arena, just cleaned up a little. If there is interest I might also put this on itch as a slightly more official thing with a proper explanation?


Yeah, I've found it already and have already adapted it for my game! Saved my life :) WebRTC can be really confusing hehe. Many thanks!