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Hello, MimDev

The asset "Rigged Low Poly Cartoon Character Base Model" was rigged using Rigify. I have just made some tests here and I realise that it is not compatible with Mixamo and Rig is not working properly. To fix this issue I have just uploaded a new FBX Mixamo compatible file.

You can easily include animations in each character from this pack by separating each one in individual files and use the auto-rig tool in the mixano site by uploading the models from this pack. it is super easy!   

Hope it helps! 

Thanks! I will buy two of your assets soon!

Do you have any new Props for "Modular Cartoon Low Poly Dungeon"? I would have bought them, too.

Yes, I intend to reach 200 assets in my Dungeon  and Tileset pack pack. As soon as i can i will update the Pack to make it more complete.  If you want me to include some specific asset, let me know!

Heya. Perhaps you have a monster pack on your roadmap which blends with your Dungeon  and Tileset pack?

Hi Merkuri, 

Indeed, I will release a monster Pack soon!

Thank you for your feedback 

Hi, what tool should I use to separate each character individually?

Hello, Orapouso
I have just submitted a file to download area with all characters separated from each other 

Hope it helps!

OMG, thank you so much!!