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I'll give my complete thoughts when I will have finished the game, but I can already say that you stepped up your humor game, even though Lonely Wolf Treat already had some good chuckles^^ So far the game is very entertaining^^
(And for those who are interested, you find a link to my LP at the end of the comment)

Edit: Ok, now that I finished the LP, I gotta say I liked the sequel better than the first game (how many sequels can claim that?) It developed the plot in a way that makes sense, it was, as mentioned before, so funny. I mean, lonely Wolf Treat had some giggles and chuckles for me, but this was just awesomely funny :D And I really like the dialogues they feel so natural. The art of a short game is to make the reader believe in the relationships he had no chance to see develop and in the case of Juju and Mochi I can totally see where both of them are coming from and how their relationship works. Now to be fair the story itself is not a complicated one, but I personally love me some good, straightforward storytelling. So two thumbs up for the sequel! Can't wait for spring, whenever this season may start! :D

Edit Edit: By the way, did I ever say I love the art? Only like a thousand times? For the next part I'll bring a dictionary because I know in german why I like it (or at least one aspect of why I like it) but I have a hard time explaining it in English :D

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My Let's Play of Friendly Bunny Mochi :)