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Hi! I would just like to share my thoughts in playing the game. First of all, I really love the way the characters portray their feelings towards each other and seeing different endings made it clear to me that reality is sometimes tricky, but no matter what choices or paths we take, there will always be memories that would remind us of the journey and how it brought us together, with a happy or bittersweet ending. 

Secondly, I really love the vibes and the artistry of the game. I feel like I lived in the year 1986 even though I was born a decade and some years later. 

Lastly, I am really thankful I found this game. It was worth it playing it from midnight until sunrise. I am also thankful to the creators for this wonderful game. I somehow don't like playing VN that involves Yuri or lesbian but, Holy Mother Mary I changed my mind the moment I saw how sincere they were towards each other and one thing I really, really love about Michelle is how she fought for her happiness. 

It may be too long to read but this is the only way I can express my appreciation and gratitude. So once again THANK YOU VERY MUCH! 


Hi! Thank you for sharing your thoughts about our game. We're glad to hear you enjoyed the story and we appreciate you dedicating your time towards it. Thank you for giving our game a chance. We're happy to hear you found it worthwhile and engaging. It's encouraging for us to hear your feedback and your thoughts and feelings towards it. We'll keep doing our best!  Please take care as well. We hope you have a good rest after it!