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This gave me chills! I’ve always been a bit wary of churches & religions, probably because my Aspergers makes it difficult to comprehend what I can’t see & touch. I do have a belief that there is some kind of afterlife, but I can’t even begin to understand anything beyond that, if I’m honest with myself. I only know this because I have almost died myself; to the point where I was in a coma (had a “visit” from my late granny) & should’ve died, but I didn’t. I’m also a keen stargazer, whenever I get the opportunity to look at a clear night sky & especially looking out for meteor showers. I’ve seen some fairly amazing stuff, that’s for sure (though not everyone will believe the things I’ve seen except for my family, who’ve also seen weird stuff in the sky). It’s only natural that this game would pull me in. I think the story & also the art is just beautiful! Will definitely remember this one! 💕✨❤️✨💕