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Normally, I do not involve myself into yaoi (not like I hate it, or anything, it's just a little weird for me), but I felt like I needed a small change of pace. And I gotta admit, this beats ALL MY EXPECTATIONS!!!!!

Although I did not expect it, I enjoyed all and every single moment of it (even the R18 ones, which I am not yet used, which is the reason it got a little weird for me).

Ironically, one of my fave endings is the Boyfriend Ending. I liked them being together (took me a few days to accept their poly relationship (don't know how long exactly)) and I very much liked the way the true ending turned out.

Same thing happened to Nami's LWT Series, where Treat indeed, entered into a poly relationship, and it took me a few days to accept it too (9 days exactly).

I have only yet played 2 of your games, and unfortunately, I can't get the ones that I need to pay for, but even if i'm against yaoi, I still wanna support you at least by playing, and enjoying your games.

Ps. This is also the first game I played that was created by you, so this game was the first step when I entered your world of fantasy. Still prefer yuri thought (I am lesbian too, so that's a plus to my preference to yuri).