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The future of Runeshard

Team Handcrafted on 11 April 2017

Since we launched the alpha just a few days ago we have gotten an incredible amount of feedback and support from so many different people and places. It feels good to have so many of you awesome people playing our game and we are more motivated than ever to continue our work on it.

We've already pushed more than a dozen patches to deal with the glitches and bugs you reported to us. For next week, we are preparing a content patch which will increase enemy variety, give you more zones to explore and possibly change or add new runes. After that we're getting to work on the first story part of the game.

Thank you for all the help and support and for being part of our community. If you still haven't played the alpha you can get it for free from You're always welcome in our discord to have a chat with us and the rest of the community.