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I'm at the part where Naomi and the girl who works at the bar need me to fix the leaky pipes and Alia needs to get past the mosquitoes but I don't have a chest key for the chest in the attic of the bar for some reason my key just vanished and if that chest is needed to get rid of the spiders in the attic I can't continue. Help me please how do I get rid of the spiders?

ok for alia you need a lighter to light up the torch.for the bar girl the pipe is in front of the stairs a bit to the kill the spiders you will need to make a boot which you will get the ingredients for as you progress through the mission.

Okay I can do the torch part I also have the wrench already but idk where the ingredients to the boot is and I've already started progressing through the pipe fixing mission since I already have the pipe thank you for the help though really appreciate it!