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I still find locomotion to be slightly nauseating but with Freedom Locomotion, that relationship between what my body was doing with what my eyes were seeing completely eliminated that. You've done an amazing job on this Project HugeRobot.

The settings and menus were intuitive and the levels provided good examples of how this can be applied. This could be one of, if not the best solutions to VR motion sickness. I'd really like to know if this also cured motion sickness for other users. Regarding the software itself - no operational glitches or bugs. If there was anything I'd like to see is the option of a compiled display mirror (but that's only really for video capture and something most users wouldn't require).

I did a video on some of my thoughts and reactions to Freedom Locomotion here:

I look forward to future developments.

Hi intraVRt, thanks for the review and the kind words! Much appreciated!

A note about hand selection... for this particular demo, both (hands controlling movement) is really the best way to go - as it lets you use either hand to specify the direction. So you can grab a gun and a sword in both hands, and then when you're running around shooting, you can use the hand grasping the sword to direct movement... but when you close in and start swinging the sword, you can use the gun hand to direct motion. There's a few minutes of learning curve involved there, but it's very natural once you get used to it.

I only actually have hand selection in there for the 'secret' teleport function I've left in (you access it with the off hand, and it works in most places, not all though... although now that I think about it, this might only work on the Vive, so I'll have to double check that). Also it's intended as a way to show other developers that you can use locomotion on one hand, while retaining the other touchpad/thumbstick for buttons and other functions that developers might want to use that part of the controller for.

I've been working on polishing up and also adding a number of new features. Hope to get a major update out in a few days or so.

With regards to motion sickness reports from users using CAOTS - I still get some, but I also get more reports from users saying that it really does work for them (they get motion sick in sliding experiences, but not in this) - showing that this really is a pretty effective solution for many users.

The real intent though is to provide VR with a solution that can allow everyone to use and engage in continuous VR locomotion, so that's why there's dash step and blink step... and soon I'll be adding more, including sliding and an option for proper hybrid-armswinger/CAOTS (as opposed to right now where swinging your arms only helps add more speed at a jogging/running pace).

Once I'm done on feature development, I'll be turning this into a plugin that initially will be accessible by Unreal developers, and then for Unity as well; where VR developers can then build on top of it to make their game. Unfortunately, this also means that it's not really suitable as a mod - so it won't be plugging into existing games and solutions.

Finally, this demo is also available on Steam if users prefer to download from there. Just google for 'Freedom Locomotion Steam' and it should pop up right away.