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This is so cool! I haven't even finished the game yet and I'm having a blast. Just crashing a party and smacking the living daylights out of people with a bright orange strat. Hell's bells is it satisfying.

The biggest complaint I have is the controls. It's not that they're not responsive, it's that the default binding is dreadful. I thought we all agreed on Z being jump and X being attack?

Putting jump on Space and S on attack prevents me from playing the game without straining my wrist. Either I keep my arms straight and put unecessary pressure on my middle finger, or awkwardly hug the air with my arms and lean forward just to put my hands in a more comfortable position. As I type this I realise that I could use my thumb for jump and my index finger to attack, but I shouldn't have to interpret them like this. It gives me whiplash.

The game looks great though. it's certainly got that old-school anime charm with colourful, chunky pixel art with tonnes of hitstop and particle effects to keep things feeling juicy.

The combat feels excellent, but only when you're doing well. It's a shot in the dark as to whether you'll actually hit anything because with so many enemies on screen and so few animation frames to go around it's difficult to tell when to pull back, and hitting things feels so good you don't want to stop. A few defensive options like a parry, dash or block wouldn't go amiss. Right now, it's be quick or be dead.

It's also a shame that Sylvie never plays that guitar of hers. Sure, it's probably completely broken and there's nowhere for the sound to come out of, but some hot licks at the beginning and end of a stage wouldn't go amiss (or just a button I could press to really bring the noise to stun enemies or buff myself).

Overall, I think this game is epic. Shine on you crazy diamond.