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The Game is very interesting and is looking good so far and the best thing by far is the animations and the movement is also very fun , but I also have some points and I hope they help, and I know I am late so I don't know if these were changed already 


1- the Animations are good 

but the attack animation needs more animations like : 

as swinging from up to down which could be used as a heavy maybe by holding down.

And maybe the attack could be when you click the first time it is swings right  then when you click a second time it sings left to make it a little smother as the attack feels a little awkward at times.

2- The sound effect for the attack needs more work doesn't sound right.

3- The Game Needs More Story

A problem I Encountered :

when playing I completed the blast training by accident when I shot a blast it changed it changed it's direction suddenly and homed on the target before even talking to the trainer .