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I am only part of the way through this game so far. However, it is already a very intricate and beautiful game. The graphics, while not insane are still very appealing. The music is relaxing, until you are in battle, then it kicks it up, which I really like (nice touch). I like when you shoot the bow that whatever arrows hit flowers sprout out, again with the drive for incorporating nature nice addition. It is a rather simplistic and linear game, which I actually like in a game every once in a while so this was a great way to get back to the roots. Lastly, not sure if this was intentional, but when the standard machine throws its range attack at you, you can shoot it out of the air if you are quick enough O.O for a simplistic game this is a very intricate touch. Thank you for a great way to relax and get some good gaming in. Very well made and would 100% recommend this to others. (I also gifted my fiancée a copy so thanks for the points there :D)


I would also like to add that I am a huge seek and find collector so the flowers really appealed to me as well. I also had a flyer run in to a tree branch, and it just started flipping out, almost like "WTH did I just hit", which was hilarious.