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I just finished my first playthrough of this game and it really lives up to the features. Everything about it is really high quality, especially for a free NaNoRenO project! The writing and world building was really well done and the characters are fun to interact with. I'm definitely going to try and get the seven other endings! :D :D

Wow, thank you so much! We're so glad you commented because we were getting nervous about the lack of feedback! ^^Thank you so much and I'm glad you're enjoying the characters! I have to say, I'm super curious as to who you played as first! ^^ Have fun getting off the endings! I hope you like them and I hope you like Pairs as much as we enjoyed creating it! (^:

I played Dragon/Carmelita first. :)

And I'm really enjoying Pairs. Seeing things from the other character's perspective is really cool and probably one of my favourite parts of the game :)