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hello! i just wanted to say that i really enjoyed the game! the visuals are cute (esp mochi!!!) and the music is very soothing! i really enjoyed interacting with every customer but i did face a few glitches that i'd like to point out.

first being when i clicked next for the conversation bubble, it doesn't respond sometimes or have delayed response. i tried clicking on different parts of the screen but it wouldn't budge sometimes, otherwise the conversation parts where you get to choose the response is fine. also when i serve the customers the drinks it sometimes glitches and they don't get the beverage. i have to serve it multiple times until they actually get the drink.

here's some suggestions i'd like to give! it  actually took me a while to figure out that the demon trash can (?) is actually functional and not a background decoration so maybe put the journal next to the bin so it's easy to identify? also i really wish there was a save button because  i really want to save my progress with the customers :(  and a exit button would be nice too aaa

i actually really enjoy kira's story and i really appreciate the efforts that went into this game! it's soothing, interesting and i cant wait for more recipes! thank you so much for making this game!! 

Hi jiroriro!

Thank you so much for playing our game! I can't convey enough how much it warms our hearts to hear when people enjoy Monster Coffeeshop!

I also really appreciate the feedback. As game developers, we want to make the game as fun to play as possible :D and that's only made possible through feedback.