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What a charming little game.

Everything is really cohesive and polished, and honestly? I'm completely floored about what you've managed to accomplish in a month. It's nuts to me. Sure, there are some ideas I'd love to have been expanded on, but it's NaNo, I can hardly judge you for that, and it doesn't do anything to diminish just how DANG IMPRESSED I am.

Tristan is a real cutie, and I aboslutely loved the variety in personality choices throughout. Sometimes I like being sarcastic (also the sarcastic options were Funny), but sometimes the situation just doesn't call for it, so having varying options like that made it feel that oh, yeah, I can respond dynamically to the situation at hand. (I haven't done Lucan's route yet, but I'm going to after class.)

AND THE CHARACTER CUSTOMIZATION. I STILL APPRECIATE THOSE FRECKLES. (and can i just say, the MC's dress in the date scene looks amaaaazing? like, dang girl. my gay heart goes pitter-mcfreakin-patter.)

Gosh. I feel like I'm gushing, but you really deserve the praise.

One little thing I would have loved to see (and wouldn't have been a big addition) would be the MC ruminating on the house itself a bit. Like, particularly during lines where "and then time passed", it would have been a nice touch if she mentioned specific little quirks of the house. Say, oh, maybe the library has a lot of romance novels (which would make a lot of sense, for Reasons) or oh, she took a nap underneath one of the maple trees or something. Little specific details like that make the setting feel... fuller, I guess? Without going to a lot of effort. But hey, whatever, I'm sure you were PRETTY DANG BUSY doing other stuff.

like seriously, did you clone yourself??? how did you get this done.

good work. also, take a break, you probably need it after the craziness of the month lmao

Thank you so much for your lovely comment! :D (And sorry for the incredibly late reply, I've just come back from break).

I'm really glad you enjoyed what was there- there was a bunch more I wanted to add, but a month really is shorter than I always think it is!

Definitely think the character customisation is something I would like to continue in all of my VNs in future if possible :)