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I love this game. I've spent at least an hour on it.

I didn't understand what the faucet symbol was, but everything else was quite intuitive. A small glitch: sometimes, upon being locked in a room for too long, the crew will walk through the door? And proceed to ruin my beautiful murder plan? Spoilsports.

Plot hole: why does no one notice that crew members are disappearing, even when the ship lands at port and only one of ten crew are still in existence?

One last thing. The gates' room. If I hadn't locked the door, other members of crew would walk in on their buddies being sucked into space, but they would remain fine? Was confused, but I guess it makes sense. They disable the gate system afterwards. *cries*

I would really like to see this as a larger game, as well. Its graphics and animation are beautiful, and the concept is great. :)