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How do i get the code to madisons phone?

You have to get Madison's phone (I assume you've done that) then tell Madison you couldn't find it. Give Ashley the phone and tell here it is Madison's. Agree with her and she'll tell you to get Madison's diary. Get the pencil from the kids/spare room and the paper from the office (the room where Brittney starts). Take them to the master bedroom and turn right as soon as you go in. You should see a pink-ish book on a set of drawers. Use it with the paper, then use it with the pencil without removing the paper. Then you'll get a code. Stay in the master bedroom and go to the closets, open them and at the back there is a safe. Make sure Madison is no where near you or she'll tell Frank, but open the safe and take the diary to Ashley. She'll let you into Madison's phone which you can access from you inventory.